Extractor D-Lux Größe: L

Artikkelnr.: 44 05 30-L

QUICK OVERVIEW Material: Stainless Steel, Silicon Color: silver/red Print: D-Lux Height: L 552mm Diameter: 30mm

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With this extractor you can easily produce your own high quality hash oil from marihuana leaves with the butane gas method. The protective silicone cover protects from the extreme low temperatures which can develop while producing oil. BHO (butane hash oil) or hash oil are also called concentrated cannabis oil, honey oil or just concentrate.

Usage of the Extractor D-Lux
  • Wear protective glasses
  • Dry and crumble plant remains
  • Loosely fill the plant crumbles in the BHO extractor
  • Place the filter in the lid and screw the lid onto the extractor
  • Go outside or into a very well aerated room, keep at least 50m distance to open fire, smoke or sparks
  • Turn the side with the hole upwards and insert the butane cartridge. Let the gas flow through the extractor
  • Collect the fluid Gas in a pyrex glass bowl
  • When the butane gas cartridge is empty, wait another 30 seconds before removing it from the extractor
  • Wait 24 hours and merely the extracted hash oil is ready for use
  • Do not smoke while extracting
  • Do not extract nearby an open fire or sparks (e.g. boiler, oven or woollen pullover)
  • Do not remove the empty butane gas cartridge for 30 seconds from the extractor
  • Do not inhale the gas
  • Do not operate in closed rooms
  • Do not wear loose woollen pullovers or other wide clothes while extracting

Product Details:
  • Colour: silver/red
  • Design: D-Lux
  • Length: L 552mm
  • Diameter: Ø 30mm
  • Material: stainless steel, protective silicone cover

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