hookahSqueeze Vaporizing Paste Apple

Artikkelnr.: HS 01

QUICK OVERVIEW Aroma: Apple Reference: 50g

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High quality vaporizing paste - a lot of vapor and taste without shisha tobacco! The vaporizing paste develops just as much smoke and flavour as shisha tobacco, but without the nicotine and tar. Glycerine and flavour are only evaporated, the substrate stays unaffected by the heat. ´hookahSqueeze´ keeps its form for some time when formed. The paste develops a protective coat when first heated which prevents it from turning liquid. No jamming and clogging of shisha stem and bowl! 5g are sufficient for a 45 minute smoking session. Handmade in Bavaria.
Attention: For use in glazed clay bowls or glass bowls - not for unglazed clay bowls!

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