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The CE4 Clearomizer is compatible with all ego batteries. It holds up to 1.6ml of e liquid.

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The CE4 Clearomizer is compatible with all ego batteries. 
It holds up to 1.6ml of e liquid. They are a disposable product
and need replacing approximately every 3 – 4 weeks. 
When filling the clearomizer, gently unscrew the mouthpiece
and put the ´needle´ on the e liquid bottle down the side of the
clearomizer and squeeze the bottle gently. Fill up to the top of
the 1.6ml measure.  Be careful not to overfill and make sure
you don´t  get e liquid in the ´centre pin´ of the clearomizer.
This can cause e liquid to go into your mouth.
Once filled, gently screw the mouthpiece back on and then
gently screw onto the battery, again be careful not to over tighten.
Over tightening can damage both the clearomizer and battery.
For the best ´vaping results´ please make sure that the wick
(inside the clearomizer) is fully covered with e liquid.  This will
prevent an initial burning taste.  Also a slow gentle inhale
produces more vapour and better vaping results than inhaling
too quickly or too harshly.

Each time you press the button on your battery the heating
element inside the clearomizer heats up. This will diminish
over time and the clearomizer will need replacing.

An indication that the clearomizer is ready to be replaced is
the top of the wick will be brown/black, the e liquid will be
discoloured and the taste may change and may even taste
a bit burnt.  Also the clearomizer may get very hot, this can
cause the clearomizer to crack and subsequently leak.
The more often you change your clearomizer the more likely
you are to maintain a great vape.
Each 1.6ml fill of e liquid is the equivalent of approximately
30 traditional cigarettes.  Each 10ml bottle of e liquid is the
equivalent of approximately 200 traditional cigarettes. 
You can fill your clearomizer up just over 6 times from one bottle.

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