Starship Triple Cartridge & Wax Coil Battery

Artikkelnr.: Starship Triple

Traverse the infinite expanse of the universe with the Hamilton Starship Triple Cartridge & Wax Coil Battery.

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Traverse the infinite expanse of the universe with the Hamilton Starship Triple Cartridge & Wax Coil Battery. This incredible device is Hamilton's first ever three heating element device, and features an incredible amount of utility. On its own, it allows you to vaporize up to three dab cartridges at once! It also comes with three wax coils, so that you can vaporize waxes too. What really takes the Starship to the next level is the bong attachment. Simply stick this simple glass attachment onto the main unit and slide the joint end into any 14mm female bong joint. You heard that correctly. This amazing device is a cartridge battery, wax vaporizer, and e-nail all in one! 

Product Highlights

  • For use with dabs and dab cartridges
  • Starship Triple Cartridge & Wax Coil Battery
  • Fits up to three 510 Cartridges at one time
  • Included wax coils turn the Starship into a wax vaporizer
  • Bong attachment allows for use with any water pipe with a 14mm joint
  • High quality circuit board
  • Keeps cartridges safe within unit
  • Adjustable voltage
  • Wireless
  • High quality materials
  • Button activated
  • Portable
  • Fits both 0.5ml and 1.0ml cartridges
  • Charges via included micro-USB cord
  • Cartridges not included
  • Currently comes in black
  • Accessories Included:
    • Water Pipe Attachment
    • 2 510 Thread Caps (Plugs)
    • 3 Wax Coils
    • 2 O-rings
    • Dab Tool
    • Type-C charging cord
    • Manual
    • Warranty Card

Product Specs

Height with Glass Mouthpiece 7.625 in. / 19.37 cm
Height with Bong Attachment 6.5 in. / 16.51 cm
Diameter 1.25 in. / 31.75 mm
Battery Capacity 1450mAh
Voltage Levels 3.2V, 3.6V, 4.0V
Charging Voltage/Current 5V/500mA
Charging Time 1.5 hours
Resistance Range ≥0.5Ω
Joint Gender Male
Joint Size 14mm
Joint Angle 45 Degree
Joint Type Glass on Glass

MAINTENANCE TIPS: Devices dealing with oils have the potential to leak. Ensure peak performance by regularly cleaning device. It is recommended that you clean the unit one to one to two times every cartridge change or as needed. Gently clean using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

WARNING: Intended for adult use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not intended for nicotine or tobacco use. For use with legal concentrates only.

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