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click n vape vaporizers pipes lighter no e-cigarettes

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This high-tech vaporizer is made up of 4 compact piece parts: top parts is a smoking device, inner with volcano stone filter layer, middle parts of placing herb and the jet flame lighter just vaporizes your herbal blends to make them heated gently instead of burning them directly so that it will greatly reduce tar, toxic smoke and particulate inhalation .Though the device effectively reduces much harmful substances that original smoking way often produces, it keeps your original perfect experience of having favorite smoking flavor enjoyment and still provides you super-smooth vapor with no coughing or feel like burning throat but letting you feel inhale warm, flavored n vape vaporizers e-cigarettes pipes lighter hookah portable vaporizer as ce4 ego e-cigarettes mini vapor pipe


Product Feature:

Approximate 60g weight
13cm (5.2”) length
Complete with in-built wind proof jet flame lighter
Inner with volcano stone filter to effectively some harmful substances
Built in Screens to safely hold your hebal
Aluminum tube packing
Light weight easy to put into your pocket, portable and easy using
Easily Refillable with Butane which is conveniently sold at most Grocery store
Less tar and toxic produced to greatly guarantee your health.
Shipped Safely and discretely


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