BL Glass Bong Multi-Level-Bong Percolator Ice

Artikkelnr.: 28 18 04

QUICK OVERVIEW Material: Borosilicate Glass Color: various colours Print: BL Logo Height: 285mm Diameter: 90/59/38mm Grind: SG 19/14 (18,8/14,5mm) Wall Thickness: 3-5mm Percolator: Ball Percolator ICE: yes Kickhole: no Oil: no Info: Diffuser A

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Handmade ´Black Leaf´ ice bong made of borosilicate glass with herb bowl, ball percolator and adapter with diffuser slits. When you take a hit, the smoke passage of this glass pipe leads through several chambers for the purpose of cooling down and getting cleaned.
The ball percolator which has the same colour like the lower chambers, ensures not only an attractive appearance, but also water swirls with cooling down effect and additional filtering effect. For more coolness, fill in ice cubes.
The amplified mouthpiece offers comfortable smoking and the bowl has a practical roll-stop handle. Thus, it can be drawn out safely for the extra kick. A further plus of this good looking and efficient percolator bong is it´s handiness.
To say it briefely, it is a perfect bong buddy for peaceful days!

The length of the adapter measured from top edge of the standard grinding is 120mm.

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